Learn the Amazingly Easy Steps for this Unique Zipper Braid

The Zipper Braid is super tricky, but once you master the style it’s definitely worth it! Zipper Braid is a stunner because it is unique and can be spotted very rarely. This hairstyle can be worn in almost any event. Whether you have a formal occasion to attend or just heading to school, Zipper braid is surely a versatile style.

To do it one is preferred to begin with a damp or wet hair. Tangles are easier to avoid when braiding wet hair. Also, the outcome will look crisp and neater if done with a wet hair. To successfully create a Zipper braid, one should follow the steps very carefully, especially, the first part. The first steps are the hardest, therefore invest more patience on that phase. Gather your tools before starting with the procedure, such as, Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hairband, 3-5 bobby pins, hairspray (if you desire for volume).

girls hairstyle

We’ve heard that tons of girls were amazed with this marvelous hairstyle!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above