Weird Hair Hacks that Actually Work!

Have you heard about using Coke to make your hair much vibrant? Or use bananas to produce magnificent locks? How about a hand-full of mayonnaise to give shine to your hair? There are more other weird hair hacks that you have never even imagined possible! Actually, almost everything that you can find in your kitchen can be used for your hair’s advantage. What is more surprising is they really do work! Check out some of these weird hair hacks that you can try instantly. See for yourself if they work!


If tissue rolls aren’t weird enough to use as curlers, what else could be?


Who would think Coca-cola can add volume and body to hair? 


Mayonaise is a magical product that can heal split ends and damages of hair


And of course, banana. When you’re iron failed you, turn to bananas because satisfaction is their middle name


All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above