Watch How Hairstyles Transformed Lives

In contrast to what we know, hair has a deeper meaning than just an aesthetic feature of our personalities. It is an extension of ourselves, where a part of us can be seen. That part could either be our insecurity, story, character, courage, and how we commit to our daily lives.

Buzzfeed Yellow has proved the importance and effect of hair in our lives. They gathered their chosen individuals to undergo a life-changing hair make-over to see how a hairstyle change can diversify their life perspectives. Buzzfeed Yellow invited David Dang, Celebrity Hairstylist and Trichologist, to magically give to this chosen people the hairstyle that they need to have.

Watch how these hair transformations give joy to the lives of these lucky individuals.

hair transformation

From a simple girl to an edgy woman that has strong personalities

hair transformation Few chops and trim that brought a glow and vibrant smile

hair transformation A hairstyle that freed one’s true self, leading to a life with greater ease and comfort 

hair transformation

A kind of hairstyle that eliminated insecurities

hair transformation

A change of hair color that turned a plain lady to a fine and fierce woman

hair transformation

Few chops and hair cuts that brought out real personality

hair transformation

A kind of hairstyle that made a mom look 10 years younger


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above