Downton Abbey-Inspired Vintage Hair for the Old Souls!

The era of flappers was an amazing time for ladies! The fashion and lifestyle was intensely remarkable that it left an influence up to this modern age. The TV series, Downton Abbey, features the style and life in the 1920’s including flapper’s hairstyles. Tons of girls are inspired of the series’ vintage hair that it is highly requested for video tutorials. This hair tutorial from Kayley Melissa is a perfect example of a granted request!

According to Kayley Melissa, it’s totally reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s. You would have seen this on movie starlets in silent films and at lavish parties like those in the Great Gatsby, The Dressmaker and more! Vintage hair and fashion is still amusing that many girls still love to wear it some times. This vintage hair from Kayley Melissa that’s 1920’s inspired can be worn in fancy and formal events, and of course, for parties that have vintage themes!

Enjoy this wonderful video from Kayley Melissa!

vintage hair

Simplicity and class will forever remain in the fashion world, this hairstyle is a perfect example

vintage hair

You can add accessories for style, or to have a modern twist

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above