This Knotted Headbands will Put You in Awe

Headbands are a big help for girls who have bangs. There are times we want to feel comfortable, but bangs become annoying especially when we do strenuous work. The problem is, not all the time we appreciate the help of headbands. There are times that headbands just do not work with the outfit, or the day, or the people we are with. Headbands do not work, period.

So for days you just want to get rid of your annoying bangs, but never a chance would go for a headband, knotted hair band could be a consideration.

Knotted headbands are cute. They are far cuter than plastic or cloth headbands that sometimes are just as annoying as the bangs that we regret cutting. If you love headbands for keeping hair away from face, but do not like its physical look and your look when wearing a headband, it’s time for you to learn how to do a knotted headband. It’s really easy, anyways!

2016-01-15 19_54_54-The Knotted Headband _ Bangs or Fringe _ Cute Girls Hairstyles - YouTube


Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above