Unique Loop Braid for Teens and Kids!

French Loop Braid is a combination of Diagonal Bow Braid and the Zipper Braid. It has magnificent loops and fancy braids. This kind of hairstyle is usually worn during formal occasions, or during the times you feel extra creative with hair.

French Loop Braid is a bit complicated to do, so you might want someone who will assist you as you create the style. You can also do this style with either dry or wet hair, depending on how “messy” you want the braid to look. In this tutorial, the hairstyle is done with wet hair. You wouldn’t need any hair products with this hairstyle, except from elastics. If you have layered hair, you might need bobby pins as well. If you like to add more texture to hair, you can begin the procedure by applying mousse before braiding, and finish the style with hairspray. French Loop Braid is truly a stunner for its unique structure and elegance.

Learn how to do French Loop Braid  by watching this tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

2016-01-21 14_17_44-Diagonal French Loop Braid _ Braided Hairstyles - YouTube

This braid looks tricky, but it is surely easier than it seems

2016-01-21 14_18_22-Diagonal French Loop Braid _ Braided Hairstyles - YouTube

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above