Ultimate Guide to 3 Days of No Wash Hairstyles

Are you the type of person whose lifestyle includes every-three-day shower? Especially during the cold days, no shower season becomes the trend! We all knew it happens. That is why this tutorial from Kayley Melissa was created.

In this video, we will find the easiest to-go hairstyles when we decide to skip the shower for 3 days! Each hair is perfect to each hair’s status from the time it is fresh from shower, to the last day with having to endure a greasy scalp. This tutorial is the cheat sheet to keep a fresh look. It will also help us utilize varying hairstyles based on the hair’s condition. All of the hair tricks are definitely easy and quick to do, too!

You can watch this video and use it as guide for days that washing of hair is not a consideration. Enjoy!

2016-01-20 20_04_48-3 Days of hairstyles! From Clean to Dirty - YouTube

Simple and subtle curls for the first day

2016-01-20 20_05_28-3 Days of hairstyles! From Clean to Dirty - YouTube

Half up half down for the second day when hair starts to get oily

2016-01-20 20_05_46-3 Days of hairstyles! From Clean to Dirty - YouTube

Braided updo for the third day to disguise a greasy scalp

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above