How to Turn Dark Hair to Silver Fast and Safe

Gray and silver hairs occupied the feeds when almost every girl dyed their hairs with that tone. Tons of girls hurried to the salon to get the same trending hair, and more other felt envious about it. It is somehow a mystery of how gray hair went trending, when during earlier times, older people try their hardest to conceal the color. Nevertheless, thousands of ladies from different parts of the world loved silver and gray, and still pursues that eccentric tone.

Turning hair to gray can be expensive, especially, when you head to the salon and ask the stylist of this particular color. However, because it went trending, hundreds of tutorials to dye hair gray DIY way flooded the internet. If you, too, desire to have silver hair on your own, this video is a big help for you to successfully and safely dye your hair gray.


Astonishing end result


Previous dark hair to turn into gray 


All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above