The Secret to Looking Hot Without Taking a Shower

Greasy hair days come and happen. Sometimes no matter how well we wash our hair it still turns out flat and oily. There are also times that laziness wins over the need of shampooing. And that’s how greasy days start.

What we don’t know about these greasy days that we thought we disgust, is sometimes they’re the key to the most enthralling hairstyles, particularly, the messy look. Messy look is actually difficult to achieve. You will need tons of hair products to successfully pull it off. However, with a greasy, oily hair, creating messy hairstyles is easy as pie (for obvious reasons we may say).

So, beginning today, let’s turn our gaze on the bright side of having greasy hair days. Let’s take it as an opportunity to look like a natural no-shower hottie. Here are the best hairstyles ideas you can choose from!

Buns look 5 times more gorgeous in messy style

A simple hair twist turns out elegant for greasy hairs


Side braids are perfect for second day no wash, as the hair’s oil naturally gives a beautiful hair bod and volume, thus letting hair down gives a cute boho look

Side ponytails would turn out classy and carefree, plus it’s really fast and easy to do too!

Half-up half-down is surprisingly fabulous with messy hair

Of course, fish tail braids. It never fails to give cuteness despite of uncontrollable strands

Braided up-dos for fancy or formal occasions

Vintage messy hair tie plus a little volume would turn anyone to a stunning star