Stunning Formal Hair to Look Unique!

New York Fashion Week is heading near! This semi-annual series of events happen for 7-9 days every February and September. Varying personalities from around the world will gather to flaunt style, and share the latest trends in fashion. From the prominent designers and models, to the most famous internet sensations and Youtubers, tons of different fashion enthusiasts will be seen in 2016’s NYFW!

Surely, thousands of fashion buffs are beginning to be ecstatic with this yearly event. Attendees of NYFW are probably already preparing their OOTDs and look for the occasion. Certainly, an over-all look would not be complete without an equivalent fashionable hair. Fashion people know the importance of hair to the totality and outcome of appearance. Thus, if you’re one of those who are beginning to be excited for this year’s fashion week, here’s a NYFW-worth hairstyle that you should try!

NYFW hair

Smooth and classy up-do inspired by the work of Richard Mannah of Label M USA at the Christ Gelinas spring 2016 NYFW

  Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above