Step Up Your Game For Prom with this Fishtail Updo

Hair game is strong, as always, for prom nights. Therefore, to step up the game, one should think about much creative ways to get heads turning. However, stepping up the game doesn’t necessary mean that the prom hairstyle should be ghastly outlandish or extravagant. No one would want attention for a showgirl label, rather, the style should be alluring because of its elegance.

French Fishtail updo is the most perfect style for the indicated description. This style is the quintessential look for prom night that is a collaboration of grace, simplicity and grandeur. The steps are quite intricate but totally worth it once completed. The style, also, needs minimal hair products, which is good news, we can say. This updo isn’t only lovely for proms, but can also be worn for casual occasions such as days you’d want to wear only a pair of jeans (and tops, of course).

Check-out this awesome video from RachMartino!

2016-01-21 12_27_17-How to_ French Fishtail Updo for Prom - YouTube

The braids will look better on light hair colors or highlighted hair

2016-01-21 12_28_23-How to_ French Fishtail Updo for Prom - YouTube

Simple, neat and beguiling: that’s how you step up the game


All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above