Effortless Yet Stunning Short Hairstyles For Daily Look

You should realize that short hair is hot. It is the astounding, the perfect turn from your old and boring mermaid hair. And while you wait for your long hair to come back, think of ways of how you can enjoy that short hair. There are actually tons of ways to manage it. There are tons of ways to style your short hair, more than you can ever imagine. Plus! It is definitely a lot easier to fix, too!

This video tutorial fromĀ Ingrid Nilsen teaches how you can style your hair in 2 easy and simple ways. It will also help you give your hair more texture and volume, which is somehow vital for short hair. Learn the products that you can use to have a thickĀ and healthy hair without spending too much cash!

Watch this video and love your bob in all ways!


short hair

This is the type of hairstyle that you can find on Pinterest, but is way simpler and less complicated

short hair

This unique up-do is stunning

All images are captured screenshot from the Youtube video above