3 School Hairstyles Every Student Needs!

Every school girl would surely love these hairstyles from Vivian V. Why, because clearly each style is simple yet astonishing! These 3 school hairstyles are very easy to do, too. Without spending too much time and effort, these hairstyles would turn every school girl into a hot and fab chic!

This video tutorial from Vivian V, shows how to create 3 gorgeous hairstyles that students can wear in their daily errand to  school. Each hairstyle is perfect for students because it’s quick to create, which students exactly need to get to school on time without sacrificing the look. Each hairstyle needs only a few materials as well. Therefore, school girls don’t have to spend too much cash for the look. Only elastic bands and bobby pins, and they are surely good to go!

Watch this amazing video from Vivian V!

 school hairstyle

Big and textured half-up half-down

 school hairstyle

Twist braids that can be done in about 5 minutes

 school hairstyle

Subtle braids and high ponytail is a magnificent combo!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above