Save Money and Learn How to DIY Bob Cut

So you’re jealous of these girls who are getting a bob. But no matter how desperate you are, you just can’t find time to hit the salon. What you can only do is watch tutorial videos like the one below.

The truth is you can make the ends meet. Having a bob without leaving home is possible. This way you can also save money. You just have to find the courage to do it because yes, cutting your own hair could be daunting.

Especially for those people who had never cut their own hair. It could be scary at first. Grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping your own hair will never be easy. It’ll surely take tons of courage, but when successfully done, the acquired skill is worth it!

Once you learn how to cut your own hair, you will never have to go to the salon and pay for a cut. You can even use this skill for extra income. Watch this video of how to cut your own hair to bob!

2016-01-13 19_17_55-How To_ Bob Haircut at Home _ DIY Short Hair - YouTube

Before the DIY haircut. Hairlength is longer than shoulder length

2016-01-13 19_18_44-How To_ Bob Haircut at Home _ DIY Short Hair - YouTube

After the bob cut. Quite neat, right?

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above