Know Why the Run Braid Combo is the Style for the Wise!

If you know how to French and simple braid, you can definitely do this Run Braid Combo! This will keep the hair pulled out of your face, and your hair up off of your neck.

This style is called Run Braid Combo because you are combining several different braid styles into the look such as French, simple, and rope braiding.

It may seem confusing at first, but once you get the technique and as you get the Run Braid Combo every step is worth it!

Run Braid Combo is surely a head turner. Tons of girls notice it because of its uniqueness and grandeur. The style is actually  a favorite of many girls that leads to an absolutely gorgeous 2nd-Day Curls the next day! If you’d like to have heatless curls the next day, this hairstyle surely is a nice pre-hairstyle for you! A wise move, we could say.

Watch this amazing video from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

Run Braid Combo

The twists of the braid make it more stunning and appealing!


Images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above