Romantic Hairstyle for Prom and Fancy Events

Prom is one the most memorable moments in our lives. The excitement, ecstasy, and anticipation as youth is one overwhelming feeling of joy and anxiety. Anxiety because prom participants want to make sure they will not only look good, instead stunning on this wonderful night.

Styles for proms have changed through time. Compared from 90’s to now, there is a noticeable difference in fashion, look, as well as hairstyles. For some, prom night could bring enormous stress. Especially, when prom attendees are caught unprepared, and ran out of ideas. Of course, no one wants that to happen. And we should know that teens are still vulnerable to stress.

Therefore, to prevent that from happening, we suggest that you start gathering ideas for the yearly, most awaited prom. Here is a Romantic Hairstyle that’s one of the best prom hairstyle ideas that we have found. Check this amazing tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

2016-01-14 17_21_18-Braided Half Up _ Hairstyles for Prom - YouTube

Braids and curls make it seem like a fairy tale night

2016-01-14 17_21_42-Braided Half Up _ Hairstyles for Prom - YouTube

This hairstyle is also applicable for short and medium length hair

2016-01-14 17_22_12-Braided Half Up _ Hairstyles for Prom - YouTube

Hairstyle that is a combination of comfortable, simple and elegant



All images are captured scrrenshots from the Youtube video above