Awesome and Easy Accent Puffed Loop Braid

For all we know, medium hair is difficult to style. Thank goodness, hair accents are becoming popular! One of the prettiest accents for all types of hair is the Puffed loop braid. This hairstyle is incredibly easy to do, too! The only materials you’ll need to create this hair are elastics and Bobby pins. Curling hair is suggested to achieve a more ‘puffed’ look. This hairstyle is wonderful as an everyday wear. It can also be a romantic hairstyle for date nights and fancy events.

This video from Cute Girls Hairstyles shows how the style can be done in as less than 5 minutes. With minimal effort and time, you can instantly create a lovely hair that would stay all day and night!

Check out the video below to learn the trick!

Puffed Loop Braid

Puffed loop braid will look more ‘puffed’ if curled

Puffed Loop Braid

A magnificent hairstyle to keep the hair away from face. So comfy!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above