5 Contemporary Ways to Spike Up Your Ponytail!

It’s time to reinvent your ponytail into a fresh and contemporary style. Turn your old-fashioned ponytail into a stylish and stunning one! We thought ponytails are only apt when going to the gym, school or when staying at home, but why not take this simple look and make a statement.

Here are 4 new ways from Glamrs.com to amp up your ponytail with easy and quick tricks. Also, this video has a super trick to give your ponytail some height with only bobby pins. Gather your elastic bands and carefully follow the steps to achieve the look!

Watch this video and get creative with your hairstyles. Enjoy!

lovely ponytail

Just add braid accents and you’re good to go!

lovely ponytail

Hair headbands and ponytails look good together

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above