Not Your Ordinary Flower Braid

Have you ever fell in love with  a hairstyle the moment you first saw it? Like it immediately captivated your attention, and made you fall on your feet. A kind of hairstyle that makes you wonder how did someone ever come up with that magnificent art. A hairstyle that is free from any flaws, and embellished with only the beautiful things. A hair that has perfect hues and structures. Well, you might find that kind of hair in this hairstyle from Confessions of a Hairstylist.

This large Dutch flower braid updo sure stands out from the rest. It doesn’t look exactly like a flower, which is one of the reasons why it is ultra alluring. It does resemble to a flower but it doesn’t look too stiff like other flower braids. Moreover, this hairstyle has magnificent gradient that gives the illusion of changing colors.

Learn how this amazing hairstyle is done by watching the tutorial below!

2016-01-18 20_15_10-Large Dutch Flower Braid Updo - YouTube

Combinations of twists and braids complete this magnificent look


Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above