No Heat? No Problem! Learn How to Straighten Hair Without Heat!

Curling hair without heat, we knew it is plausible. Tons of people have done that using different heatless tools, but straightening hair without heat? Is it really possible?

A tutorial from AlexandrasGirlyTalk, uncovers the secret ways to straighten hair without the need of an iron. With the use of only brush and bobby pins, we can now say bye-bye to curls. This way, we can also save our hair from further damages, while saving some pretty cash, too. We will never have to buy any electronic devices, and we can also help the environment by using less energy. The only tools we need in this tutorial, aside from bobby pins and hair brush, are time and patience. We’re not saying curly hair isn’t gorgeous. There are just times we want to feel straight hair, too. And this is the most awesome way to achieve it!

Check out this tutorial of how to straighten hair without heat!

2016-01-19 18_27_18-Straight Hair WITHOUT Heat!! (Curly Hair Tutorial) - YouTube

Natural curls are beautiful, but sometimes girls just want to try different styles

2016-01-19 18_27_35-Straight Hair WITHOUT Heat!! (Curly Hair Tutorial) - YouTube

Straightening hair without heat saves the hair from further damages, and helps the environment by using less electric energy 

2016-01-19 18_28_33-Straight Hair WITHOUT Heat!! (Curly Hair Tutorial) - YouTube

Using heatless method looks more natural, too


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above