Sweet and Bubbly Mermaid Heart Braid

It’s better late than never! This awesome Mermaid Heart Braid is definitely the most creative hairdo you can do for the day of love. And by the day of love, it doesn’t mean you can only wear it every 14th of February, but instead in any day that you feel like it.

This hairstyle from Cute Girls Hairstyles is a marvelous way to set the mood for spreading love in the air. Especially, during Valentine’s day this style surely suits dinner dates, picnics or movie dates. Mermaid Heart Braid is utterly flexible, too! It’s for kids, teens and adults, which can be worn during family gatherings or intimate hang-outs with friends or a special someone.

Mermaid Heart Braid

The twists that create heart illusions make the hairstyle more fun!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above