Lazy Girl Braid is a Blessing to All the Women!

The Lazy Girl Braid is a cute boho, mermaid hairstyle for long or medium hair. You can wear this messy braid for the summer! It’s gorgeous hairstyle when going to the pool, the beach, work or when you going back to school!
In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, MakeupWearables Hairstyles is going to show you how to do the French fishtail braid on yourself, the easiest lazy way! As much as MakeupWearables loves fishtail braid hairstyles, she know it takes awhile to do, especially if you’re braiding your own hair. That’s why MakeupWearables came up with ways to speed up the process.
MakeupWearables curled the hair with a 1″ curling iron before braiding. However, fishtail braids can be done on straight, layered hair, too! Lazy Girl Braid is perfect as an everyday hairstyle, as well as when doing sports, cheering, or workout. You can also wear it as a romantic braided updo for a beach wedding. You can  turn it into a more formal hairstyle when you add a few flowers to it, making it super glam!

Enjoy this video from MakeupWearables!

lazy girl braid

Gorgeous texture and thick braid that can get with any outfit!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above