Lace Braid Headband to Look Good and Feel Good!

Lace Braid Headband is one of the most awesome ways to style short hair. It’s a quick solution if you’re having a bad hair hair, plus, it would also keep the hair in place at all times, away from the face. It looks utterly cute, too! Tons of girls who went for a bob love braided short hair for their daily look.

This video from Cute Girls Hairstyles shows how you can easily create a hair headband for short hair. This look can be done in a matter of minutes, letting you save enormous time for preparation, while also achieving a cute appeal. You have options of curling your hair or letting it down plain and straight. You can add hair texturing products such as hair spray, mousse or dry wax to have a messy look.

Be tuned and carefully follow the steps of this tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles!

Lace Braid Headband

Cute braid crown for every girl!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above