Jaw-Dropping-Weird Hair Curling Products

Both ladies and companies have been thinking and innovating ways to curl hair faster with much ease. There are tons of heatless techniques, iron, and tools of different kinds that have been reinvented and recycled for the matter. It is reality that curling hair is no joke. Though it takes lots of time and effort to do girls still love curling hair. Why, because girls are suckers for voluminous hair with smooth flowing waves. It is the key to 60% additional beauty. Maybe that’s why tons of hair curling products have suddenly appeared in stores. Whether it’s just a simple hair curling tool, an unknown chemical, or an electrical device, girls would willingly try them all. And surely, even the weird ones.

We’ve found the weirdest curling hair apparatuses that girls like you may want to try. Not because they look uncanny, they are not efficient enough! Remember looks can be deceiving. Check them out!


Does this hair curling tool look familiar to you? I’m guessing yes, and to us all. You’ll be surprised how effective this weird looking hair iron is!



This device called the Curl Secret looks like a part of Ironman, but is totally effective and fast, too! More women have been using this tool because it is that awesome!


If you have to look like a cosplayer of Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess just to have perfect waves, I’d say why not? 


Nope this not a pitcher, a blender, or a popcorn making machine, it is called the Hair Curler, and it can surprisingly curl hair without using heat

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above