2016’s A-Must Style: The Infinity Braid

Girls of any age love the Infinity Braid because of its uniqueness. Despite of how intricate it looks, it actually is very simple to create! Infinity Braid is also a versatile style that any girl could wear in any occasion. This technique in braiding will turn anyone gorgeous, especially, during fancy events.

This video from Braidsandstyles12, teaches the simplest way to make the infinity braid. Some prominent stylists even said that this braid could be this year’s most trending hairstyle due to its character and simplicity. Also, because Game of Thrones will be out this year, where the hairstyle might be spotted.

Check out the awesome tutorial by Braidsandstyles12!

infinite dutch braid

Look how intricate Infinity braid is. Just adorable!

Image is a captured screenshot form the Youtube video above