Discover the Hunger Games Braid Trivia!

Ever since Prim wore this hairstyle on Catching Fire, the whole worlds been pretty much obsessed. Just like us and any other hair enthusiast, we find this Hunger Games braid just as appealing.

According to Abby Smith (creator of the video below), she felt like the bow braid wasn’t a style that women could really pull off. It was just too little girl! A few weeks ago, though Abby circled back around and started playing with this famous braid. Little girls look so cute with wet hair that’s tugged super tight on their heads. Women not so much. There’s definitely a difference between a hairstyle that’s beautiful, and a hairstyle that’s just cute. But Abby made a way to make the ends meet! Now this bow braid that originated from Cute girls hairstyle looks good to almost everyone! So better try it, too!

Check out the awesome tutorial from Abby Smith!

hunger games braid

This braid was worn by Primose, Katniss’  sister in one of the scenes of Hunger Games

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube above