How to Look Classy and Elegant with Short Hair

We once thought short hair cannot be styled further. Though a short hair is easy to maintain and manage, many girls get bored with it due to its limited options for style. Most particularly when formal and fancy occasions call, equally extravagant hairstyles are a bit unnerving to pull-off. Maybe it is because we have scarce know-hows in creating extravagant short hair looks.

That is why we have gathered ideas of how to magnificently fix a short hair with less effort. That led us to this video tutorial that showcases the Pompadour, a rocker inspired look for those who like the dramatic; the classic curl–a mix of sweet and sexy; and how to straighten out hair for a voluptuous angled bob.

Watch and enjoy!

ncvbx The pompadour is a hip style that could be wore in any fancy occasion that looks hot with a long dress


Curling short hair makes it cute and elegant 

vxcvwertStraight hair never fails to spike a formal wear, you need to add some texture and volume to make it look more gorgeous



All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above