How to Get a Short Bob without Cutting Hair!

Are you thinking of cutting your hair for a new look, but unsure if shorter hair fits you? Don’t worry because you now have a solution to meet both ends! That is simply by creating a faux bob hair.

Bob hair had been a trend within the recent past years. Tons of girls chopped big chunks of hair when sexy hot bob hairs flooded the media. And why wouldn’t a girl want a short hair when it is sleek, hot, and low maintenance? That’s what everyone thought so these ladies headed to the nearest salon, and have bravely let go of their long hairs. However, not everyone was happy with the result because obviously bob hair doesn’t suit every girl.

If you’re thinking of cutting your hair short, first try to do a faux bob with your hair to make sure and see if short hair will not be a regrettable decision. Besides, faux bob is also an adorable hairstyle that fits formal, casual and date night occasions. Learn these simple steps to acquire a Gatsby inspired hair faux bob from Elanna Pecherle.

faux bobElanna’s real hair length is long, but she managed to make it look like a short bob in an instant without cutting an inch.

faux bobEnd result of the Gatsby inspired faux bob hair. 


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above