How to Curl Long Hair in Just 10 Minutes!

We love to curl our hair. The only thing that make us hesitate is the time that curling consumes. For long hairs, it could take up to an hour before the desired curl can be achieved. 1 hour is a big waste especially when we’re in a hurry. Well, the truth is it doesn’t have to take long hours to get those gorgeous curls. Producing beautiful big curls can be achieved in just a matter of minutes!

This tutorial has been proven true! Extra long hair can be stunningly curled in just 10 minutes. Just note that you need to use specific curling tools to achieve the look. In this video specifically, you have to use a 32 mm barrel for the loose curls. The rest of the steps is stupidly easy!

Check out this video of how to curl hair in 10 minutes or so!

2016-01-14 16_24_31-Easy Loose Curls in under 10 mins _ viviannnv - YouTube


Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above