Incredibly Easy Heart Knot Ponytails for Romantic Days

According to Princess Hairstyles, the first heart ponytail in this video is inspired by a hairstyle they saw on facebook recently which unfortunately had been shared with no link back to the original creator that they could find. Princess Hairstyles love how simple, quick and cute this braided Heart Knot Ponytails are. Definitely a kind that could be a DIY.

The second style is a variation of the first. They added a simple French twist on each side of the ponytail for some extra texture and volume. Princess Hairstyles love how the 2nd ponytail turned out, but the heart shape is not as defined (since the braids are partially hidden under the twists on each side.) Although this is not one of their best braided hearts, Princess Hairstyles thought the style was still super cute for many other occasions, so they decided to share it anyway.

Enjoy this video from Princess Hairstyles!

Heart Knot Ponytails

Cute and easy heart knot ponytails for days you’re feeling romantic

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above