Hairstyles to Wear on Rock Shows!

One day, you’re punk girlfriend invited to a rock concert of the band you both loved. You were all excited and pumped up, and were already envisioning the night’s sounds and lights, when you came across a mirror. You noticed there was a noticeable difference between you and your punk friend. Suddenly, it all hit you: you look a lot softer and less edgy, or more what we can call normal, than your eccentric friend.

So you immediately hit the browser, and looked for rocker look inspirations. However, what you saw were daunting, as they were all shaved and colorful heads. Of course, you never want to do that to your dear long hair. That’s why you looked further. Luckily, there were also others who desire to blend-in into a punk rock crowd. And these people, too, never want to change their styles for good. That was how you stumbled upon these rocker hair inspirations that are so easy yet seamlessly adaptable.

Here are 3 hairstyles that you can choose from to look like a rockstar. Now, you can hit any rock gigs or concerts without feeling out-of-place!

Rocker hair This hairstyle gives an edgy look with its seemingly faux mo-hawk look. You will never have to shave your head with this style, but it gives you that kind of approach.

Rocker hair Another punk-rock style inspired hair. A faux mo-hawk/pompadour up do. If you’re heading out for a rock gig, you will never go wrong with this one.

Rocker hair

Side shaved faux hair is also magnificent to wear. It gives a tough look yet still somewhat girly and hot!

Images are captured screenshots for the Youtube video above