Grunge Looks for the Cool Girls!

90’s grunge style has once again invaded the fashion world. It has now slowly crawling its way to trend, which the younger generation has warmly embraced. Why not? Grunge style is undeniably fascinating. It has this dark-gothic taste, mixed with a hand-full of creativity and hip.

Though many grunge hairstyles are intensely uncanny coming in vibrant hues, these grunge hair tricks suit any color and length. In fact, these hairstyles might already be familiar since they originated from the 90’s. Grunge style is easy to do as well. While some of it might require added accessories like hat or bonnets. And if you’re sincerely motivated to pull-off a grunge style, you might want to consider amplifying your style with make-up: dark eye-shadows, glum lippies and a pale foundation. Owning this kind of style could be staggering at first, but fun, addicting and adorable as you pull it off.

Get ready for the attention when you have finally acquired a grunge style. Check these grunge inspired hairstyles you’d surely love!

grunge hair Simple and adorable one sided twist grunge inspired hair trick

grunge hair Cute messy twisted pigtails, a classic style from the 90’s

grunge hair

Braided pigtails, with of course, a hat for added grunge-y look

grunge hair

Classic pigtails, add a little mess to make it look like Courtney Love, and not some Japanese school girl

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above