Go-to hairstyles that will Save Your Day!

Are you running out of ways to style your hair? If your busy days caught you off guarded with your solutions to fix your crown, this video from HeyKayli can be your encore!

This 3 go-to hairstyles are the best fillers if running out of hairstyle ideas for your daily look. Each style surely is fast and easy to create! Each is adorable and creative as well. Now, you wouldn’t have to cram when you wake up a little bit later than the usual. These hairstyles would also let you skip the long hours of hair washing. If you’re in a hurry, these go-to hairstyles would surely save your day!

Watch this awesome video from HeyKayli!

go-to Hairstyles

Bun with braid accent

go-to Hairstyles

Spiked ponytail with Dutch braid

go-to Hairstyles

Side ponytail with accent braid for casual days

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above