How to do the Popular Glitter Party Roots

Another popular hairstyle on social media such as Tumblr and Pinterest is what they call the glitter party roots. Artsy, creative and outgoing ladies adore this hairstyle because it looks oh-so-fun! It is perfect for party seasons such as Christmas and New Year. It is also a very nice look when going to rave dances or music festivals.

Glitter party root hair is a bit messy to do, so be sure to wear hand gloves. It’s quick and easy to apply, though, that’s why many girls love to try it. You just have to gather your materials and be sure to have them all before you begin. Prepare TRESemme Freeze Hold Hairspray, Fudge Urban Power Gel, craft glitter, craft glitter stars, bowl & brush for the procedure. Watch the rest of the tutorial from Zoe London, and unlock the glitter party root hairstyle!

glitter roots


Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above