Fun and Creative Hairstyle Ideas for Equally Fun Occasions!

The past holidays were remarkable. I assume yours, too. So just to reminisce with the past holiday, why don’t we try holiday hairstyles every once in a while? It might bring a different kind of joy and bliss. Or just to, you know, prepare for the next holiday. Why not?

These hairstyles are perfect for Christmas, New Years, parties or just Winter in general. Because there are tons of parties to attend during the holiday, more likely you’ll run out of style ideas sooner or later.

So here are some hairstyle ideas you’d surely enjoy. Some use hair accessories, while others are just beautifully plain. All in all, these hairstyles will make you stunning and fun!

2016-01-13 22_19_40-EASY HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLES _ JaaackJack - YouTube

Fancy braid with adorable accesories for any occasion

2016-01-13 22_19_55-EASY HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLES _ JaaackJack - YouTube

Of course, you’d only wear this in Christmas parties, right?

2016-01-13 22_20_11-EASY HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLES _ JaaackJack - YouTube

Creative headband to feel the spirit of Christmas. Or if you’re trying to imitate a Christmas tree


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above