Fan of Katniss Everdeen? Here’s how to make her trademark braid

The last Hunger Games was just recently screened in theatres. It made tons of fans wept for separation. But that doesn’t mean we have already forgotten about the characters of that amazing saga.

We still love Katniss Everdeen, and she will forever be in our hearts. Thousands of girls adore her character that is wildly courageous, wise, and a hero of truth. This may sound like a spoiler to those who haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet (disclaimer: upcoming narration of end story, skip this part f you haven’t yet seen the last Hunger Games), but Katniss managed to solve the problem of the movie’s utopia. Instead of striking an arrow to Coriolanus Snow, Katniss shoot President Alma Coin, causing the President’s death.

That magnificent ending marked on the hearts of the viewers. That is one of the reasons why we love Katniss. The other reason why many ladies adore her is because of her style and trademark braid. So here we are! Giving away the sheet to copying our idol’s look, Katniss Everdeen.

2016-01-13 22_05_00-How To_ Katniss Everdeen Inspired Braid _ Zoella - YouTube

This hairstyle can be used in cosplay events, or just when you feel like you’re Katniss Everdeen


Image is captured screenshot from the Youtube video above