Learn how to create this jaw-dropping Dutch braid with added twists!

The best combination of Dutch braid, Dutch fishtail braid and messy bun has been finally made! This tutorial from Annies Forget Me Knots shows how you can beautifully pull off three different hairstyles in one.

To start, it is suggested you apply hair mousse and/or hairspray to add texture to hair. The messier, the better this hairstyle will be. The key is not to be afraid in pulling off strands to make the braids look bigger. This perfect mix of Dutch braid, Dutch fishtail braid and messy bun is perfect for fancy occasions. It will look cute, too, for date nights or prom eves. Gather bobby pins and elastic bands for this hairstyle. Anyone would surely be a stunner with this hairdo that might look a bit complicated, but really, it’s just a few simple steps away!

Enjoy this video from Annies Forget Me Knots

Messy bun

The perfect messy hairstyle for every girl

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above