Dreamy Hairstyle to Look Like a Fairy

The Skeleton braid is said to be the new IT-braid of today. It has resemblance to fishtail braid, however it is much easier to do because it has a ‘skeleton’. Skeleton braid stays in place longer too even without the need of any hair products. There are variations of Skeleton braid, and this tutorial from Luxy Hair is one of them.

Usually, you may notice lots of strands coming from everywhere in skeleton braids. In this tutorial, however, the skeleton braid is made differently as the end-result looks like a fishtail braid but it is much bigger and has more texture. Learn how to do this effortless braid that you can create for different occasions. Skeleton braid can be a fancy or simple hairstyle, nonetheless, always photo-ready that can be worn in formal parties, casual hangouts, or at the beach.

Watch this awesome tutorial from Luxy Hair!

2016-01-20 10_34_28-Skeleton Braid _ Luxy Hair - YouTube

Add a little mess and viola! Instant elegance

2016-01-20 10_35_05-Skeleton Braid _ Luxy Hair - YouTube

All images are captured screenshots from Youtube video above