Try the Stylish Dragon Tail Braid for Good Luck!

The Dragon Tail braid from Lilith Moon is a wonderful style for girls with long hair. However, it can also be done to medium-length hair girls by adding some clip-in extensions.

In this video, Lilith Moon shows the step by step procedure of how to create a beautiful, chic hairstyle with a side swept braid. Technically, it isn’t actually a braid but it looks like one! It’s not a pull through braid, though, but more of a bonded/linked/tied up split/scissor braid.

To decorate the Dragon Tail braid with small baby braids, feel free to use any braid of your preference (fishtail braid, twisted rope braids or a flat 4 strand braid). You can wear this hairstyle every day to complete your casual glam look (to school, college, university, work) or even for special events (when you go out clubbing, for meeting friends, for a party, as a wedding guest, bridesmaid, for prom, homecoming or graduation). Oh, and do you know? Dragon Tail braid  is said could give some good luck! Try it!

Watch and enjoy this video from Lilith Moon!

Dragon Tail braid

Fancy and unique braid style that you can wear in formal occasions

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above