How to Dye Your Hair to Pastel in Quick Easy Steps

It’s year 2016! Do you feel it, too, that we’re close to the future? Or maybe we’re already living in it! One proof is seen through wildly colored hairs. We see tons of people changing their natural hair colors to bright pastel or even neon ones that we only saw in the movies when we were kids. Now having a vividly colorful head is a contagious trend because, yes, it is that easy to do!

Admit it. Pastel hair colors are undeniably adorable. A brightly colored hair, especially when unique, never misses to make a head turn. It is fun to wear, too! Bright colors like the ones that fall in the pastel range, when applied to hair look cool and sexy. That is why more and more women, though it has accompanying damaging risks to hair, color their hairs into varying hues. Coloring hair treatments are now abundant in stores, which makes it a lot easier to do a drastic hair style change in an instant. DIY coloring hair techniques are easy, too. All you need to do is learn the simple steps, remember the cautions, and you’re set to being your own hair stylist!

Consider changing your hair color to a pastel tone. Here’s a good video to guide you to your ‘New Year, New Me’ self!

pastel hair End result of the DIY dark to pastel hair color change

pastel hair

After turning dark hair into grayish tone, applying vibrant/pastel colors like blue (left) or violet (right) will be easy to achieve


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above