Jaw-dropping Day to Night Braid for Busy Ladies!

Kayley Melissa made the perfect braid! When we say the perfect braid it means it should bring comfort, beauty and elegance. Fast and easy to do braids are a bonus for the perfect ones! What if you can create a braid that is not only comfortable, beautiful, truly elegant, fast and easy, but could also hit two hairstyles for the day and for the night? Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

We proudly present to you the epitome of braids that doesn’t only checks all the requirements for a perfect braid, but is also so easy that yourself can do in just a matter of minutes. Learn how to do this Day to Night Braid from Kayley Melissa!

Enjoy the video!

Day to Night Braid

Your day braid that looks casual, carefree and gorgeous!

Day to Night Braid

Turn your day braid into an elegant and sophisticated look

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above