Cute and Refreshing Boho Look for the Beach

A gorgeous way to fix long or short hair is by doing a twisted up-do. It is perfect for casual days or formal occasions, and it is easier than braids. You just have to do lots of twisting, but the end result is wonderful!

If you have really short hair, it is suggested that you add extensions to attain the twisted up-do successfully. This hair trick is also perfect for summer. It suits bikinis and the beach that would make you look like a bohemian girl. If you’re going to a beach wedding, twisted up-do is the best hairstyle to choose. It protrudes an elegant yet outgoing style, plus you will not need too much products to pull it off. You will not even need an iron.  All you have to gather are bobby pins, hairspray, ties, and you’re all set! If you want to add more pinch of creativity, you can also color your hair with hair chalks before doing the up-do. You’ll be stunned with the result!

twisted up do How twisted up-do looks from the back: neat and stunning.

twisted up doAdd a few falling hair to make the up-do natural and more bohemian looking.


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above