Braided Cat Ears to Stand Out in Parties!

Though Halloween is still far from now, CGH had lots of fans asking for Halloween Hairstyles, and many had asked if there was a way to make cat ears using hair (rather than using the pre-made cat ear headbands).

Well… there is!

CGH’s Mindy only used two black pipe cleaners for each cat ear, braiding the two pipe cleaners as the “third” strand of a 3-strand braid. Then, you can bend the finished braid into a point and continue on to fashion the Braided Cat Ears! You then repeat the same step on the other side.

While finishing this style, we also suggest that you can use red pipe cleaners to create devil horns if you wish to be a Little Red Devil for Halloween, as well!

Enjoy this video from CGH!

Braided Cat Ears

Easy playful look for parties and Halloween!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above