The Easiest way to Bouffant Hair Vintage Style!

The vintage style has never really left. Even until today, plenty of people love the particular style that they live with it in this modern age. Some of the famous personalities who are known with their vintage style are Amy Winehouse and Adele. Their fondness for the vintage fashion is noticeable with the way they dress and style themselves. Due to those famous people who acquire a vintage look, more and more people are loving that particular style, too.

One of the vintage hairstyles that’s beginning to hit the trend is called Bouffant Hair.  It was First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy that made it more popular in the 60s. The same hairstyle that until today is still being adored by many. Creating the Bouffant Hair is actually really simple. You’ll just need a lot of teasing and hair spray to achieve the look.

This video from Rachel Dixon shows how Bouffant Hair is done, but with a twist of modern approach. Check it out!

bouffant hair

Top it with your favorite headband to end the look!

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above