Easy and Versatile Big Loop Braids Every Girl Would Love!

One of the trending hairstyles this 2016 is the Big Loop Braids. It is created by the famous hairstylist, CinthiaTruong, which created a buzz on Youtube. CinthiaTruong’s video tutorial now has more than 2 million hits on Youtube, and still rising!

What makes the Big Loop Braids more admirable is its real easy and quick steps to create. It is utterly versatile, too. Every girl can wear it in any occasion, whether with formal or casual wears, the hairstyle would surely look wonderful! Many girls have tried wearing it on their prom nights, and each one of them looked stunning! Adding curls to hair is optional, but it is suggested if you prefer a voluminous hair just like in the video.

Check out the very easy to follow video from  CinthiaTruong!

Loop Braids

These looks somewhat seems angelic, isn’t it?

Image is a captured screenshot from the Youtube video above