The Best Way to Curl Hair with No Heat!

Girls love to curl hair for obvious reasons: one, because it gives a gorgeous volume; two, because it leaves a sexy texture; lastly, because it is fun and trendy! Before, we thought that curling hair is not possible without a curling iron. But now that tons of hair hacks are dispersed on the Internet, we knew ways of how to curl hair using different kinds of tools (with even a banana)!

One of the unique ways to curl hair that we stumbled upon is the use of headbands. This trick actually produces perfect waves and volume, sometimes even better than the use of iron. The only catch is you have to do the process the night before you start your day to have a successful result.

See the rest of the steps below!


What the hair should look like before leaving the hair overnight


Curling hair with headband looks more natural


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above