9 Ways to Work With Bandana!

Bandanas are comfy and stylish. Now that vintage style has once again becoming trendy, tons of girls are experimenting on bandanas as hair accessories.

Bandanas as fashion became most popular during the 50’s and 60’s. Pin-up girls featured on magazines and billboards made it more famous during that particular era. Today, bandanas are obviously making a comeback. Maybe because aside from its stylish look, it is an instant fix, too!

This video from Vintageena shows 9 different ways to style hair using a bandana. The hairstyles can be applied to women with long hair as well. Gather Bobby pins and elastics for the looks, and carefully follow the steps to imitate them correctly.

Enjoy the video from Vintageena!

bandana hair

Tie your up and wrap your favorite bandana!

bandana hair

You can also let your hair down

bandana hair

This look definitely has a vintage vibe!

bandana hair

This one is a bit modern, but is certainly cute and adorable!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above