New and Trending Way to Bun, The Baguette Bun

A new hairstyle has just arrived! This unique braiding style is called Baguette Bun, maybe because of how it looks. What’s amazing with this hairstyle is it’s amazingly versatile. Any girl can wear it at any occasion, whether formal, fancy or casual. Baguette Bun is super comfy, too! Just perfect for the drawing summer!

The essence of bun in life is to save time and let girls be gorgeous and presentable at all times. Like any other buns,  Baguette Bun is easy as pie. It’s intensely quick to create, too! This hair Bun is perfect for all occasions, whether formal, fancy dates, movie nights, or when heading to the beach! You’d certainly always look photo-ready with this marvelous style!

To know how to do a perfect Baguette Bun, follow the steps of this tutorial from the video below:


All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above