Achieving a Gorgeous Blonde While Skipping the Brassy Hair Stage

Brassy hair is the most awful hair stage when dyeing from dark to blonde. It’s like the inevitable ugly duckling phase that every woman who wants perfect blonde had to undergo. Sometimes the brassy hair stage is so horrible that it looks like rusting iron applied all over hair. There are also times that it is just intensely difficult to go away. No matter how many bleaches added on hair, it just makes the condition worse. That’s why to achieve a perfect blonde we have to learn from the expert. This video tutorial exposes the best technique to safely and beautifully turn a brassy hair into a gorgeous blonde.


Hair before the process which is noticeable mixes of orange and red, totally not toned and unequally colored


Hair after the process is stunning! The blonde was successfully lifted and balanced, looks a lot healthier, too!

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above