The Perfect Summer Braids You Must Learn!

We are all excited for summer! Who’s not, by the way? Who doesn’t want the sunny days and the wonderful trips to the beach? However, the humid wind during the summer would surely leave us drenching in sweat. That’s why we need to prepare for the weather by first, choosing appropriate hairstyles.

For summer, the hairstyles we should choose must be refreshing and comfy. But that doesn’t mean we should forget about looking all nice and gorgeous. For that, we have found the perfect hairstyles for the next season because, yup, we are that excited for the sunny days. Besides, it’s not that far away. This video tutorial from Jackie Wyers shows the best summer braids you can do for the summer. Especially if you have a long hair, you might want to find a way to keep it cozy at all times.

Here are 3 special ways of how you braid your hair during summer!

summer braid

Messy milkbraid, a refreshing hairstyle just right for hot days

summer braid

Braided bun suits any occasion, whether fancy or casual, and would surely leave you feeling fresh all day long

summer braid

Cascading braid is an adorable style that can be worn when hanging out with friends or during simple date nights

All images are captured screenshots from the Youtube video above